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Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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About Fort Lauderdale

Welcome to the community guide for Fort Lauderdale, located in Florida. This guide is a tool to explore and understand what this community is like. Keep reading to learn about this area's demographics, schools, businesses, restaurants, walkability score, and climate.

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Data provided by American Census Survey 2021
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Area Schools

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Top Lifestyle Trends

The lifestyles trends below are based on billions of social media data points broken down into 52 segments and mapped at the neighborhood level. The scores indicate the prevalence of each segment in an area.

High Rollers
Interested in the finer things life has to offer, this population wants to display their lifestyle by discussing luxury products. Often references jewelry, cars, and home features.
Party Life
The party don't stop until the sun comes up. Loud music, crowds, and shots are a recipe for a great night out for these people.
Driven to succeed in the business world, this population seeks to progress in their career through networking happy hours, summits, and connecting with other professionals online.
Hip Hop Culture
Dropping the beat and raising the roof, this population enjoys everything hip hop culture has to offer, including music, dance moves, and fashion.
Lighthearted Fun
This population is all about keeping the mood light and good, clean fun. Common activities include spending time outdoors, catching up with friends, and dancing.
Politically Engaged
Politically aware, this population is interested in civic issues on both the local and national level. They often discuss candidates for office, taxes, and political ideologies.
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Commute Highlights

The percent ratings below indicate the portion of area residents who commute to work by walking, car, public transit, or cycling. The most popular method of commuting in this area is car, used by 94% of people, and the average commute time to work is approximately 26 minutes.

Commute Methods
Data provided by American Census Survey 2021